Rise And Shine

lyrics copyright © 2009 by Anarchy Club

Everybody's talkin'
They ain't sayin' nothing
Living in a whisper
When they wanted to scream
Free to be a very special carbon copy
Just another gear to grind
Inside the machine

It's not enough to stand up -- rise and shine
It's not enough to care -- rise and shine
It's time for us to wake up -- rise and shine
There's no more time for fear -- rising

It's part of the process
So stick to the script
Free to pick your colors
But just stay in the lines
Don't bother changing channels
'Cuz it's all the same shit
Life and liberty homogenized
And refined

Take it all for granted
While you're paying for it
By selling out the person
That you wanted to be
Honor is a dead word
To the blindly loyal
There's no more fight for freedom
We gave it away for free