Murder Simulator

lyrics copyright © 2009 by Anarchy Club

Get up, get off, get in, get on
We're going for a little ride
Strap up, strap on and lock and load
'Cause no one here is satisfied
It's on TV for all to see
The power's at your fingertips
Five stars and it's time to go
'Cause now we're shooting from the hip

Give me guns, give me sex
Give me all of this and more
Living's so much greater in the murder simulator
Where all the world's a painted whore
Give me love, give me war
Just set me free in Liberty
You don't know where you ain't been
So come and take a walk with me

Virtually bad ass
With my cyber firearms
The truth in the reflection reveals
All the hidden charms

An ugly world through pretty eyes
rendered beautifully
All we are is juxtaposed
with all we'll ever be